Da ich es schon jetzt für ziemlich unrealitscih halte gehe ich mal nicht so weit ins Detail... allein schon die Aussage das es 4 mal größer als das Disneyland werden soll lässt es für mich unrealistisch klingen!

Meine Glaskugel sagt nichts gutes vorraus

Hier nochmal der Park von oben:

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Am besten ist ja folgendes:


Dear Investor,
• We are currently developing the most exciting Sports and Entertainment Park in the
Country. All the exciting venues create an economic synergy second to none.
• The city council has expressed unanimous interest in having this
Entertainment Park in their City.
• The City of Tracy has granted us a 3-year ENRA (Exclusive Negotiating Rights
Agreement) due to the City councils full support of the project.
• Currently we have a dream team that is finishing the design of the park with the most
economical and innovative standards in the industry.
• The economics of the project are outstanding and the remaining funds required to
finalize the entitlements are minimal.
• If you would like to hear a presentation on this amazing project, please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.
Das wird bestimmt was